Training and development

Training and Development

We’re a personalised job readiness and placement platform

How it all started
Young India today demands personalised job-readiness and placement experiences. Unfortunately, job portals aren’t good enough to solve this effectively.  We are a personalised job readiness and placement platform. We understand your needs and tailor a personalised plan that makes you ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

To ensure we provide you with a holistic experience, we equip you with expertly crafted training modules, personalised advice from our career counsellors, interview preparations and a power-packed resume that is sure to leave your recruiters impressed. If that wasn’t enough, we even work with you to get you that job you’ve dreamt of.


Developed by some of the best minds from IIT, Cambridge and Stanford, SR Consultancy Services  is on a mission to solve the job readiness and placement challenges faced by Indian youth. Our A.I. based platform is designed to understand individual requirements and provide a personalised experience for every candidate. We believe that India’s youth has the will and capacity to drive our nation towards a beautiful future. We want to do our bit by giving them a chance to become a contributing member of our society and the workforce. For businesses and recruiters, we help you hire individuals that are job-ready and more likely to succeed.